‘Limits’ by Kevin Flegler

Discover God’s Purpose for Society in Kevin Flegler’s ‘Limits’

A Narrative of God, Country, and History


Kevin Flegler’s ‘Limits’ takes you on an exciting and thought-provoking journey to the heart of our society’s problems and the solution to those problems.

Author Kevin Flegler leads readers on an in-depth exploration of the role that government plays in God’s plan for establishing law and order in human society and fostering the development of good character and material prosperity.

As a native of the wide-open spaces of western Kansas, Kevin embodies the boundless freedom of the land on which he was raised. His immigrant ancestry runs deep, and it has taught him to get things done quickly if they are complex and to take his time if they are impossible.

With a deep desire for all people to experience the freedom that comes from living independently as an individual, protected by a limited government, Kevin combines his faith, country, and history into a classic examination of the nature of man and the purpose of government.

Kevin shows, with support from the Bible and secular history, that limited government ensures humanity’s continued liberation and freedom and allows each person to reach their full potential.

Walk this journey with him as he uncovers the role of the government in society. 

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About the Author

Born and raised on the open plains of western Kansas, Kevin has a spirit as unrestrained and free as the rolling grasslands around him. Strong immigrant roots have instilled him with the determination that the difficult is accomplished right away, while the impossible takes just a little longer. Kevin combines his love of God, country, and history into a classic examination of the nature of man and purpose of government with a burning desire that every person would know the joy of being a self-reliant individual: living free under a limited government.

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