‘Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God’ by Norman Orr

Norman Orr’s ‘Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God’ Highlights Unanswered Questions: A Narrative Exploration

In-depth Analysis of mysteries that defy explanation


“Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God” by Norman Orr presents an inventory of unanswered questions and unexplained phenomena.

Have you ever stopped to consider the reasons behind your faith in God, the reasons behind the faith of others, or the definition of what it means to be religious? What is your response when someone asks you, “Who are you?”

In this book, which promotes the idea of embracing biological humanism, Norman Orr provides new ways of thinking about these questions as well as a great deal of other questions. He starts off by presenting a line of reasoning that shows God is nothing more than a concept that was invented by humans and is, as a result, not real. After that, he investigates when, how, and why humans first conceived of the concept of God. Additionally, he addresses inquiries such as the following:

The author also questions who we are as humans if we are not beings created by God, as well as why it is necessary to acknowledge that the brain typically functions based on preconceived notions or prejudices.

“Embracing Biological Humanism: Abandoning the Idea of God” is a narrative preaching unanswered questions about what is real and what is not. 

Take part in ang’s exploration of perplexing mysteries and questions that will make you rethink reality. 


NORMAN ORR is retired and enjoys cycling in the Texas Senior Games, where he has won multiple gold medals. He also enjoys flower gardening, writing, and thinking about religion and ethics. With an educational background in theology, history of science, and technical communications, he presents a fresh view of the history and nature of humanity. He has written numerous articles for scholarly publications and lives in Lubbock, Texas, with his wife, Bettie.


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