Factors to Consider in Creating a Book Title: A Quick Guide

A title is the first thing people see when looking for a book. Sometimes it can be a deciding factor if they would want to read it or not.

A title gives the reader the idea of the whole story and conveys a little of what the book is about.

A good title will arouse the audience’s interest and fascinate them without giving away too much information or the story’s plot.

When people write their story, some think of the title first before the story, and others create the story before the title. If you are a starter in writing, you must consider some things in making a book title. 

Attention Grabbing

When searching for a book, a catchy title will create a connection between the reader and the book. Creating a catchy title will grab the attention of passersby or those that are only browsing.

As it is the first thing the reader will see, you will need to ensure that the title grabs their 

attention and hooks them to read your story. The title is the first hook of your story. It is your first opportunity to grab their attention, so you must be able to hook them out right away.

Unique and Original

Producing a title is easy; however, creating a good one is tricky. If you want your title to stand out from the rest, you will have to consider brainstorming a unique and original one because it will separate your work from other writers and pique their interest.

Creating a unique and original title will make it easier for the reader to find your book again if they want to return it or reread it. It will only take a few moments for the reader to look for it online or in libraries.


Keep in mind that your title summarizes your story, so make it short. You do not need to describe every detail in your story and put it in the title because you will need the readers to find those out themselves. The purpose of the title is to give an idea of what the book is about. It will also be easier for them to remember it if it’s short.

Memorable and Vivid

A great book title should be memorable and vivid. It is a good combination because readers like to imagine a lot about the book they are reading, making the title imaginable and unforgettable.

Many readers claim they can visualize the characters, places, and actions. Some even claim they can imagine sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Therefore, visualizing is an excellent factor for them to read the story. If a writer can make their readers imagine the story just by looking at the title, then there is an excellent chance that they have already hooked the readers and choose to read their book out of the many books.

When we try to find a book or a novel, the first thing we notice is the title; some stick with us for a long time because of how unique they are and make it difficult for us to forget about them; however, this is not a bad thing, especially for the authors, because it makes their books memorable in the minds of thousands of people.

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