What is a Printed Book: PROS AND CONS

Individuals read printed books all throughout their lives. There are pros and cons in reading on printed books that most don’t realize

With the help of today’s technology, the creation of both printed and electronic books are made easier even so an individual have their preferences in what they read, how to read and where to read it with that being said some prefer reading on printed book while others likes to read on their devices or what we call ebook.

What is a Printed Book?

From the name alone, it is clear that this is a story that has been printed on paper, put together, and covered. It’s the normal book that we typically find in libraries, classrooms, or online. It includes both front and back covers, and it has the look and feel of a book that plenty of readers love and seek out. There are front and rear covers.


It’s Easier on the Eyes

People today need to stare at their laptops constantly as part of their daily life. Reading from printed books would be a smart choice because it won’t put too much strain on your eyes because it is excellent to give your eyes a break when you can.

Less Distraction 

It is not a surprise to know that people that read through e-books get their attention easily diverted. The Internet being easily accessible is one reason in addition to that there is also that extra information which is either not needed or requires too much time to finish in order for you to read which limits their ability to focus and absorb the information of what they are reading.

Help You Get a Better Sleep

Study shows that reading digitally before you fall asleep is a bad idea and will make  you feel groggy when you wake up. Generally, reading on printed books will help you get sleep because the brain activity that you get from reading can help you drift off to sleep especially when you’re having trouble. 


Takes up a Lot of Space

Since it can not be simply deleted just like its digital counterpart, printed books take up a lot of space in your place which would not be ideal to a plenty of people. Since it is also not as economical as e-books it is difficult to just throw it away or give it away.

Not Easily Available Anytime

A lot of people knows how hard it is to get a printed book especially if it is a prominent one because it easily gets sold out and their stock for those books are limited in addition to that publishing another batch of those books takes time to print again and with a high possibility of getting sold out again which is sometimes frustrating for a lot of those expecting a printed book of their favorite book. 

More Expensive

Publishing a printed book costs a lot of money which is not a surprise because it needs the materials for it to be printed so it makes it relatively more expensive than electronic books. From the cost of the publication to the materials needed for the book it would be difficult to find a printed book that is less expensive.

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