Triumph of Words: Kim Francisco’s ‘Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State’ Graces The New York Times Book Review

It is with immense pride that we at Aspire Publishing Hub announce the inclusion of Kim Francisco’s book, “Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State: The Experiences of a Fisheries Biologist’s First Summer in Alaska,” in the prestigious February 25, 2024, edition of The New York Times Book Review.

 This news fills us with both humility and excitement, as Francisco’s works are nothing short of literary masterpieces, vividly portraying Alaska’s wild landscapes with prose that dances gracefully across the page.

3 Reasons Why You Should Read Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State

A Collection of Stories: A compelling collection of tales that transports readers to the wild landscapes of Alaska, “Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State,” Kim Francisco’s debut memoir, is more than just a book. Francisco recounts his first summer working in the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with his characteristic mix of comedy and melancholy. Every story, from the most routine to the most dangerous, is a hidden treasure, and reading them will engross you from beginning to end.

An Unparalleled Perspective: “Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State” stands out because of its distinct point of view. By following Francisco’s story, readers may see how he has dedicated his life to the field of natural resource management. Francisco, who is now in his 70s and a widower, thinks back on his life’s extraordinary adventure, which included a revolutionary stint on the Iowa Natural Resource Commission. In addition to celebrating Francisco’s long career in public service, this memoir attests to his lifelong love of the great outdoors. Readers are moved to admire the wonders of nature and the significance of conservation initiatives from this viewpoint.

A Heartfelt Exploration: An emotionally resonant work, “Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State,” gets to the core of things. Francisco vividly portrays the culturally varied Alaskan location and the complexity of fisheries management through his narration. Amidst the unspoiled environment of Alaska, the memoir explores not only the struggles and victories but also the development of enduring friendships and the budding of adolescent romances. It is an emotionally engaging story that encourages readers to find themselves and form meaningful relationships.

In essence, “Alibi Mike and His Gang of Parasites on the State” is more than just a memoir—it’s an invitation to explore the beauty of Alaska, reflect on the significance of public service, and embrace the profound connections that bind us all. Dive into this remarkable book and let its stories ignite your imagination and stir your soul.

The New York Times Book Review is the Gold Standard

For readers around the world, The New York Times Book Review stands as the ultimate authority in discerning literary excellence. It serves as a guiding light for those who cherish the printed word, offering a roadmap to the treasures of literature that resonate with their souls.

To be published in the revered pages of The New York Times Book Review is the pinnacle of literary achievement for writers and poets alike. Each selection meticulously curated by the review team is a testament to the author’s talent and the enduring power of their narrative—a recognition unparalleled in significance.


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