Water From the Rock by Andrew L. Smith

Andrew L. Smith’s “Water From the Rock” Prompts Deep and Inspiring Reflection

A poignant and introspective read


Andrew L. Smith puts his soul into this compiled work of wisdom, hoping that it will help others as much as it has helped him.

Readers will learn how to persevere in the face of hardships by reading this book. There are several essays and other things here that didn’t make it into the first book. This publication contains articles from as far back as fifty years ago to as recently as 2018.

Smith has been motivated and stretched spiritually by a number of pastors, some of whom are Jack, Prince, Brooks Ramsey, and a few others. The events of his childhood are influenced by his father, John J. Smith, as well as by A. Scott Patterson.

Manna and the water from the rock were necessities for the Israelites. Smith sincerely wishes that the observations and reflections presented in the book may be a source of nourishment for the reader on their journey through life.

You may pick up a copy of “Water From the Rock” in either print or electronic form and gain some fresh insight and perspective on life.


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About the Author

Andrew Smith graduated from high school in 1950 and joined the Navy. After the end of the Korean Conflict, he began his study in Architecture at Georgia Tech and received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1961. While in college, he became the pastor of a small rural church just north of Atlanta called Dunwoody Baptist. He led the church to make several important and far-reaching decisions. Contrary to the day’s expectations, he did not feel a call to the professional ministry and began his career in Architecture in 1961. His architectural practice has produced many types of buildings in over twenty states. He is now an associate principal with Self Tucker Architects in Memphis, Tennessee. He married Mary Jo Mynatt in 1953. They have three children. three grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. They have been members of Second Baptist Church in Memphis since 1968.

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