Why is Aspire Publishing Hub Trusted?

Aspire Publishing Hub is a reputable publisher because it offers top-notch services that aid authors in becoming successful writers. The testimonies of the authors who published with this literary agency demonstrate the superior quality of the service they offered. They expressed their level of satisfaction with the services they received.

In addition to the testimonies, their website features examples of the high-caliber novels they have successfully produced. You can see the various works written by authors who trusted and believed in them there. Success is nothing more than a humble aim when it comes to marketing the book, spreading the word, and reaching the target audience.

Aspire Publishing Hub assisted a specific book in receiving a five-star rating from Pacific Book Review, a reputable book reviewer who assesses books for both established and up-and-coming authors, allowing many rookie authors to approach publishers with a recognizable review. They assist in obtaining the exposure required to promote a book successfully.


Water from the Rock by Andrew Smith

Several years ago, I put some of my writings into a little book called Manna for the Journey. Since then, I have committed more thoughts toward writing, and other early writings were not included in the first book. Some writings in this publication are fifty years old, and some were written in 2018.

Several pastors have inspired and challenged me, including Jack, Prince, Brooks Ramsey, James Hatley, Joel Snyder, Roger Lovette, Hal Poe, Mike Smith, Brent Beasley, and Stephen Cook. My early life was inspired by my father, John J. Smith, and A. Scott Patterson.

When my pen starts to write, I sometimes do not know which of these men is the inspiration behind the writing.

The children of Israel needed both manna and water from the rock. I hope these thoughts and musings provide sustenance for your journey through this life.


Andrew Smith graduated from high school in 1950 and joined the Navy. After the end of the Korean Conflict, he began his study in Architecture at Georgia Tech and received his BArch in 1961. While in college, he became the pastor of a small rural church just north of Atlanta called Dunwoody Baptist. He led the church to make several important and far-reaching decisions. Contrary to the day’s expectations, he did not feel a call to the professional ministry and began his career in Architecture in 1961. His architectural practice has produced many types of buildings in over twenty states. He now serves as an associate principal with Self Tucker Architects in Memphis, Tennessee. He married Mary Jo Mynatt in 1953. They have three children, three grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. They have been members of Second Baptist Church in Memphis since 1968.



Aspire intends to convey to the public that this is its goal. The authors who held out until the end of their contract because they trusted them and believed in them have now released their fought-for novels. They want their authors to be successful since that is their ultimate goal. They are creating new opportunities for those who want to be successful since they understand that the author’s success is their success. The challenges they have faced over the years have grown daily, but they have not let this stop them from delivering services to budding authors who need assistance in breaking into the writing profession.

The writing industry is not as modest as most people imagine. Every day, authors struggle to find a publishing business they can trust and believe will help them achieve their goals with the publisher they choose. Aspire Publishing Hub is one of those publishing houses where you can be confident that your book is in good hands since they value their authors as much as authors value their books.

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