Dreams of Forbidden Love


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Dreams of Forbidden Love is the powerful story of love, the tale of hope, the struggle for peace and the celebration of victory. The many issues it contains of life, death, power, disappointment, guild and faith keep the reader riveted to the story, always rooting for the main character to forge on.

Taylor Michaels, the main character, begins her own crucifixion with the guilt over the loss of a childhood friend at the beach. She carries her feelings of remorse and low self-esteem into adolescence, when she is met with another disappointment in the rejection of her first true love.

She vows never to love wholeheartedly again, and chooses a staunch albleit cold husband who is “safe”, and will not break her heart. Yet she explodes from her catharsis when, as a married woman, she meets and falls in love with a powerful executive who heads up the company she is employed, and so their journey begins, filled with love, lust, wonder and shame. Truly a Heavenly and Hellish experience.


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