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Morphania and The Valley of the Coloured Doorways


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An adventure book about three grandchildren following their Granny’s ginger cat Tom and her Italian grey Hound Elfie up into the Attic. They go through a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a blue door. When they enter the door, Elfie and Tom turn into Human-like creatures, as this is where all the animals go when they pass over. The Adventures begin when the children have to go to the Valley of the Coloured Doorways to look for the blue door that will get them back to the human world. They all have plenty of help, which they will need to cross this perilous land, from various pets that have passed over.

There is a Russian Wolf called Gregorian who is King of a very dangerous land they must cross. He has spies everywhere, called Red Spiked Goblins.

Carol Dianne McKnight Sheen was born in 1947 in Glenhuntly, a suburb in Melbourne, Australia.

She has two children, Georgia and Adam, as well as four grandchildren named Phillip, Victoria, Matthew, and Emerald. Carol is a War Widow. Her husband, Victor, died as a result of the Vietnam War.

Carol’s other passion is Volunteering at Melbourne Zoo.


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