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The Little Wooden Swing Set


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Recycling and reusing are a part of my life, much to my children’s chagrin at times. This book is about a not-so-fancy swing set that continues to make fun memories despite being old. Many would say it could be used for firewood. We, as grandparents, can teach our grandkids that what is old can be new and enjoyable for someone else. Valuing time spent together never gets old.

Darlene is a 70-something granny enjoying retirement with her husband of 55 years and their 3-year-old Yorkie, Phoebe. Living in a small town after retiring from the City was a shock, but living on a “gurgling” river filled with wildlife has been restful. They have two adult children, both of them married and willing to share their kids with them, whether it be for only a day or extended stayovers. Since high school, Darlene has been interested in the writing of all kinds, from journaling to writing letters or just decluttering her mind. She enjoys writing about comical situations that she and her husband get pulled into, her husband says, because she is too friendly and smiles at everyone encouraging conversation. This book is the first attempt.


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