Nun and the Priest


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Joe and Fran lost contact for nearly two decades. It was the 1950’s and, from two very different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the two had formed an immediate bond of friendship in grade school. Then, in their teenage years, both are sent away from home, neither by their own choice but by their parents and religious leaders. There, one is trained to be a nun and the other, a priest—by men and women—but inspired by the grace of God to serve, give freely of themselves and to love only the one true God. At a time when their young minds are vulnerable to being steered into false doctrines, God sees fit to create a hunger for the truth. See how two lost friends find the truth, each other and ever lasting love.

My eight siblings and I were raised in the 1960s and ‘70s by Christian parents—my mother, a homemaker and my father, a perfectionist and master carpenter and cabinet maker. Along with my three brothers, I followed in my father’s trade. Then, in 2006, though I did not know how to spell correctly or write an entire sentence, God called me to write all that He put in my heart. I became a student of the Word of God and the words in the dictionary. Today, I live in Florida, surrounded by my children and grandchildren, who are the pride of my life. I give God all praise and glory for every word I write.


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