Piquant Short Stories and Succulent Poems


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Piquant Short Stories and Succulent Poems is about a journey through life as a child and an adult. People of all ages and backgrounds can learn from someone else’s growing trials.

Some of the poems and short stories can help someone who may not have a close friend or has a nonexistent relative.
Piquant Short Stories and Succulent Poems is like a little guide with a twist of laughter. This book serves as a relief for me through hurt and smiles. It will also provide enlightenment and insight to another reader who has purchased it.

The south was (Gwendolyn Roscoe) aka G. Roscoe’s home region. She was raised by her mother, who was a cafeteria aid, and her father was a sharecropper and a construction worker. She graduated from Roxbury Community College in Boston, Massachusetts, with a degree in Associate of Science.

Her ninth-grade teacher, Mrs. Charley, encouraged her to write. At age 13, she produced her first piece. Her first plays were Slaves Not for Sale and Our Trip to China, a short narrative.
Her enthusiasm for writing increased tenfold. The book “Piquant Short Stories and Succulent Poems” is a combination of both fiction and non-fiction.

“I hope you enjoy reading my short stories and poems!”


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