Looking Back


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It is a fascinating, exciting, and highly extraordinary story that is intertwined with personal experiences. Numerous intriguing historical references are made to expose the hypocrisy of justice, exaggerated or deliberately distorted and conveniently forgotten facts that victors are loath to have unearthed, and explore the prevailing mindset of people before the war and afterwards. It portrays a young German boy who personally witnessed the horrible tragedy of war, and listened to veteran soldiers and civilians describe their ordeal of inhumane suffering. Thanks to the capable guidance of loving paternal grandparents, who were there for him in his desperate hours, they had instilled in him a solid foundation for life. After a poignant departure from Germany and a harrowing sea voyage filled with humor and suspense, Rudie arrived safely in his new home and quickly realized the absolute necessity of learning a new language. His hopes for a new life and an unexpectedly short residency in Canada were shattered by the death of his father (Vati). Only after his birth mother had been coerced to take care of him, was it possible for him to immigrate to the United States. Rudie developed more fondness for his stepfather than he ever had for his mother, who denied him her estate when she died. Tragic circumstances forced him to assume an adult posture before he was twelve years old. It is a plethora of human emotions, ranging from grief to hilarious humor and eventual success, despite often seemingly insurmountable odds.

Rolf J. “Pröpper” Wysock was born in Germany in 1941 and became a proud American citizen in 1957. Served in three different professions and retired: Delaware State Police, 20 years. Army officer: 9 years Active Duty and 11 years Reserve Component. Asst. Prof. and College Instructor: UD & Del. Tech. 20 years. Senior Instructor: Delaware Army Nat’l. Guard Military Academy 5 years. Graduate: Brandywine College (Widener Univ.) & Univ. of Delaware – AA, BA, MA. Graduate: Army Command & General Staff College. Army Inst. for Prof. Development: Senior Officer – MP, SC, MI. Certified Police & Battle Focus Instructor. Member: PHI ALPHA PHI, PHI KAPPA PHI & Scabbard & Blade (Army ROTC) & International Police Association. Former faculty member: Eastern Shore Police Academy & Armed Forces Inst. of Pathology. Languages: Fluent in English and German, conversant in Spanish and French.
Author: 1. “100 Years of Excellence-Fightin’ Blue Hen Battalion”. (UD) 2. “Humor In Blue”. Goldtouch Press.


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