Sweet Fruit: The Palm Tree that was Touched by Jesus


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A date palm named Sweet Fruit loved her life. She thought she had everything: a loving gardener, a treasured friend, amazing stories to listen to, and fun holidays to celebrate in Jerusalem! Life for Sweet Fruit was perfect until an unfortunate accident happened in the garden.

Water became scarce and her best friend became like a shriveled weed. Sweet Fruit was lonely until the neighbors suddenly appeared, pulling and cutting fronds from the palm trees. Then Sweet Fruit feared for her life! The gardener’s friend ran to the trees’ rescue, rejoicing that Jesus the King was coming. Sweet Fruit had heard stories about Jesus and hoped that this miracle worker would come to the garden and restore the joy and peace that had been lost.

This is a Palm Sunday story of Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, celebrating the lives He touched then and continues to touch now. It is a story of healing and forgiveness that characterized Jesus’ life.


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