The Retribution Committee


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In the large, inland city of Wagga Wagga, newly appointed Detective Mike Walker notes the mysterious deaths of the State’s top criminals. He notices a pattern emerging and makes some casual observations to his superior, the tough, grizzled old Detective Sergeant Lindsay Johnson. Surprisingly, Johnson warns Walker off, insisting he concentrate on local crime. Despite this warning, Walker makes contact with a former colleague, the upwardly mobile Chief Inspector Allan Muscatt. Secretly, the two Detectives continue their investigations until tragedy strikes—Meanwhile, Walker’s best friend, ex S.A.S.Commando Andy Keyes and his Malaysian wife are trying to earn a living on their small, mixed farm. Keyes and Walker are both keen sportsmen, playing football and cricket together.

After completing a Police computer course, Walker is confronted with some startling facts and begins to have suspicions. Carmen, Walker’s wife, is a scientific lecturer at the nearby University, and she stumbles upon a possible cause of the criminal’s deaths. Armed with this knowledge, the Walkers attempt to visit their friends but find the Keyes’ have disappeared. Eventually, Walker begins to forget the whole matter until certain occurrences take place, and these point to the Retribution Committee still being very much active. Then Carmen is severely injured in a “Hit and Run”. A Sydney newspaper begins running a series of articles that also point to the existence of the Committee, so Walker teams up with the reporters. Together they move closer to the truth until a violent and intriguing confrontation takes place. Walker is devastated by his discovery and plans to immediately return to Wagga Wagga to be by Carmen’s side. In his Motel room, however, he is made aware that the Retribution Committee is still alive and active. He arrives back in Wagga Wagga to be greeted by the more tragic news.


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