Closures: Cold Cases and Beyond


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Closures” is a story of laughter, adventure, cold cases, and life. KC is an investigator who uses her Law Enforcement background along with her life experiences to assist others in finding missing people that no one has been able to find. Her goal is to do more than just give her clients a location. She works to help them find true closure to the hardships of missing loved ones, broken relationships, or business deals gone wrong. KC is also taking on new adventures in her personal life through traveling, hunting, and romance. She feels the strong bond of friendship and learns the meaning of being home.

This is the first in many adventures for KC.

I am married to my soulmate, Ti Neff. We have seven adult children, ten grandchildren, and one on the way! Family is very important to us. We live in the beautiful northern community of Great Falls, MT, with the Bob Wilderness to our west and the beautiful Belt Mountains to the east. Our lab, El, is the greatest of companions, along with our horses and cats. Hunting and writing are my passions. I enjoy putting them together with adventurous hunting in my writing. These adventures are based on true hunts and the ongoing movies in my head. My goal is to write it as accurately and quickly as I see it. I have written my entire life, but Closures is the first of my novels I have wanted to share with the world.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. I look forward to sharing the next of KC’s adventures with you!


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