Forced to Defend


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A man stands accused of killing an investigative reporter, and the individual who harbors the deepest animosity toward him is compelled to act as his defender.

In the heart of the case lies a man, facing allegations of having committed the grave crime of murdering an investigative reporter. What adds a fascinating twist to this tale is that the very person who holds the strongest contempt for him finds themselves thrust into the role of his defender. This juxtaposition of enmity and obligation sets the stage for a complex legal battle, where emotions, loyalties, and truths intertwine in unexpected ways.

Dwayne L. Taylor is a versatile creative professional, known for his roles as an author, writer, and independent producer. With a passion for storytelling, Dwayne has captivated audiences with his literary works and productions. One of his notable achievements includes the authorship of a heartwarming children’s book titled “I Am an Eagle.” Hailing Central Florida as his home, Dwayne finds inspiration in its surroundings as he indulges in his love for writing, exploring new destinations, and watching sports in his leisure time.


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