Reality Dreams: A Mona Clavell Novel


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A jolt woke Mona up; taking a deep breath, she looked around. She exhaled and looked at the clock next to her bed; it was 3:05 in the morning. She tossed and turned, but she couldn’t fall asleep again. Sitting at the edge of her bed, bending over, Mona was holding her head, saying, “I can’t believe it, what a horrible dream.”

She couldn’t believe how real that dream was. It was like she was there, witnessing the horror. They took her, she said under her breath. If she closed her eyes, she could still see that face, that malicious face.

Who is Patricia Monasterio?

A glimpse into Patricia Monasterio…

“I have always believed that everyone has special gifts given to them from birth. Part of our journey and/or adventure in life is to find our gifts and help them blossom.”


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