Time To Grow Up


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Stephen Walton is a high school senior at Michael Barmen High School. Stephen has always loved his childhood friend and confidant, Michelle Parks. Stephen and Michelle are attending the Barmen Senior Prom. While in the back of the limousine, he noticed her mood had changed drastically after leaving Michelle’s house to go to the prom. He questions her about what is going on with her. She refuses to tell him about the reasons for her sudden mood change. Determined not to have the most important night of his and her life ruined, he demanded to know what was going on with her. Reluctantly, she shares an embarrassing secret that could change his perception of what he thinks of her and his character, as well as their friendship.

One week after Stephen and Yolanda cut their honeymoon short, the unexpected happened: their beloved landlady, Mrs. Clara Pruitt, passed away. Unknown to either Stephen or Yolanda, Mrs. Pruitt leaves written instructions with Stephen regarding her final arrangements for her funeral as well as her business matters regarding the building. Mrs. Pruitt’s sister-in-law, Lola Jean Pruitt, has every intention of undermining Stephen and Yolanda’s efforts as they carry out Mrs. Pruitt’s last request. Can Stephen and Yolanda manage to carry out Mrs. Pruitt’s last request and keep the building out of Lola Jean’s hands?


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