Ava Again: A sequel to “Ava”


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Ava Daly Callott, the beautiful daughter of an Irish immigrant, is now a curvy woman in her mid-thirties who has survived several life challenges that include two pregnancies with different men: the first was with a brief encounter with a sailor, named Alistar and then an affair with a married man, Devon. Later her father arranged a marriage to an older man in need of immigration paperwork who turned out to be bigamist who she had five more children with. Unfortunately her community still considers her promiscuous who has disgraced her family.

As the Dust Bowl and Great Depression ravage America, Ava’s husband suddenly passes away, leaving her with the massive responsibility of caring for her seven children. Everything changes when Ava learns that Devon’s mother has left two thousand dollars to the daughter Ava produced with her son. After Ava buys a house with the inheritance, Alistar, the father of her first child suddenly reappears, much to her dismay! He is a changed man after suffering shell-shock from his naval ship explosion and consequent loss of a leg. He has also lost his wife and daughter in a motor vehicle accident leaving the child he had with Ava his only living heir. Now the stakes are higher as he tries to win back his son, and Ava!

In this continuing tale, Ava secures employment at a factory. Will she reunite with Alistar or will she become even more determined to stand on her own forever?


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